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A Spark of Hope - Part 2, Gods and Demons
"Keteroth isn't dead. He's just stuck on the other side of the Shielding, the same as The Six."  Jaspar was explaining to Danel as they traveled along the roadway. Conversations between the two of them had grown more frequent over the past few days, as they realized talking helped pass the time. Theology was a popular subject because Danel was curious about what he had gotten into and Jaspar, as a priest, felt it was his duty to enlighten the young man.
"Couldn't he just kill the Six Gods out there?" Danel asked. "I mean, if they lost their powers and he had more followers, wouldn't the Gods be kind of vulnerable?"
"Well, no," Jaspar replied,"because the Shielding isn't so much a physical barrier that keeps them all locked out together amongst the stars. It's more of a separation between the physical realm and some other dimension. They cannot exist in a physical state where they are, so there can't be a physical struggle between them."
Mela stopped listening at this point
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A Spark of Hope - part 1, The Pilot
Mela was starving.  Not in the way spoiled children use the term when they've gone a few hours without food, but actually starving.  It had been days since she'd had anything to eat.  The generosity of the city's people had been waning for months, and now it seemed it had gone entirely.  Taxes being raised to fund the war had left little extra for people to spend on keeping street urchins alive for an extra day or so.
The cold rain beat down all around her.   She'd been fortunate to find a deserted spot under the bridge when the rain first started.  Shelter was hard to come by and the countless homeless of the city were fiercely territorial. She was trying in vain to fall asleep, but she was just too uncomfortable.  Her cloak was nearly threadbare now and offered little protection from the cold.  It wasn't even a cloak, really.  It was just an old discarded blanket she found and managed to fasten around her shoulders with some string.
If it
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While this movie is already kind of old news for people who are in the know, it was just released in theaters in the U.S. on Friday.  That's why I'm bringing it up.

I had already seen the Japanese version of it before, but I went and watched the English dubbed version today.  Obviously, it's always better to watch the original version with subtitles, but the dubbing really wasn't that bad.  At least not near enough to take away from the film.  So, even people who refuse to watch anything with subtitles can still enjoy it.

While I don't consider myself a fanboy of anything really, and I hate making generalized recommendations, I would like to encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go out and see this movie.  I know anime still scares a lot of people, possibly because it gets over-hyped to the point of annoyance by some.  But I sincerely believe that if you watch this movie with an open mind, chances are you'll enjoy it to some degree.  

I'll admit part of this is selfish; I'd like to see good movies become successful enough to encourage more of them to be made.  I'm not overly greedy, I'd just like to see one or two truly good movies every year to offset all the comic book movies and Disney remakes.

This isn't a gushing thread, just more of a public service announcement, because this movie didn't get near as much promotion as it deserved.  If just one person reads this thread and then watches the movie because of it, I'll be happy enough.  However, if anyone who has seen it wants to share their opinion of it, good or bad, you're more than welcome to.  I'm always happy to have a discussion.  I just ask that you don't spoil anything, especially without some sort of warning.

So, what am I doing here? First, let me state that I am not an artist.  I have some innate artistic abilities, or at least some innate desire to have artistic abilities, but I've never been very good at translating what I see, feel, or think on the inside into something others can understand.  I've tried other mediums such as writing (poetry and prose) and some film, but to no avail.  I'm about as inhibited as they come.

I joined deviant art five years ago, posted a couple of very amateur attempts at photoshop art, and then forgot about the site.  I started being active again a few weeks ago mainly out of a need for some sort of artistic expression in an attempt to validate my existence.  I wanted to express what I could of myself in art in the vain hope that someone somewhere will like it and say, "That part of your soul, at least, is good."

And, while writing this, I realize no one is likely to bother reading it, but I need to make some of these thoughts tangible, to put them out there, so they don't just keep eating away at me.  I just hope this all doesn't come across as whiny or pretentious.  If it does, oh well, I am both whiny and pretentious.

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Thanks for the watch ;)
dhheiii Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
Just returning the favor.  The only difference is that you still make art worth looking at.
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That is very sweet ^^
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dhheiii Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
You're welcome.  Though I don't know how much of an honor it is; I'm not prestigious in any way.  All the same, I like your work, and I look forward to seeing more of it.
melissyjane Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey now, it's an honour for me when anyone appreciates my art. No prestige necessary! 
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